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Rally Today! 12:30-1:30 CITY HALL- Milwaukee June 15, 2009

Posted by marylou in Political Action.

Why not privatize?

Stockton, CA privatized: Prices soared.
Stockton, CA privatized: Voters Thwart City Council
Stockton, CA privatized: Citizens Sued and Won.
Gary, IN privatized: Infrastructure failed.
Cranston, RI privatized: Pollutants increased.
Atlanta, GA privatized: Costs soared.
Atlanta, GA privatized: Fire Hydrants Fail
Atlanta, GA privatized: Faucets Spew Dirty Water.
Atlanta, GA privatized: New Mayor Voted In, Cancels Contract
Atlanta, GA privatized: Basic Repairs Neglected
Atlanta, GA privatized: Federal Drinking Water Standards Violated
Milwaukee, WI privatized Sewer: Illegal Sewage Dumping
Cleveland, OH privatized: Public Scandal
Hingham, MA privatized: Rate Hike
Tom’s River, NJ privatized: Radium in Drinking Water
Pekin IL privatized: 204% Rate Hike
Peoria IL privatized: Highest Water Rate Bracket



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