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RALLY- Monday, JUNE 15- City Hall-12:30- Be There June 9, 2009

Posted by marylou in Political Action.

The Milwaukee Common Council’s Steering and Rules Committee is having a meeting on Monday, June 15th at 1:30pm at City Hall in Room 301-B to discuss water privatization.  Public testimony will not be taken, but Milwaukee Riverkeeper and KPOW will be holding a  RALLY before hand at 12:30pm outside of city hall.  Please join us at either the rally and/or the meeting to help us advocate for our right to clean, affordable water.

Milwaukee water is vital for families, businesses and community safety. It is also a major resource for jobs and economic development in the coming years.  But, there is an effort underway to privatize the Milwaukee waterworks by leasing it to a multi-national corporation for 99 years.  The reason that city leaders are planning this is to raise money for the city which is losing state aid.

This plan will hurt the people of Milwaukee.  If the city privatizes the drinking water system, costs will go up and water quality will go down. It has already happened in other cities.  We can find other ways to support city services. 

Call your alderperson and let them know how you feel! Call 414 286-2221



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