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No Privatization of Milwaukee’s Water May 20, 2009

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The city of Milwaukee is considering the leasing of our water for 99 years to a private company.
We don’t think anyone should make a profit on our water.
Water is a COMMON GOOD for everyone.  
Milwaukee’s water is excellent.  The water system we have works and is improved upon every year. Do you think we should hand it over to a business that has to worry about its bottom line? Vote now!



1. Donna Mrugala - May 29, 2009

SoJourners June 2009 Holy Water The Ecumenical Water Network, an international Christian body formed to raise awareness about justice and the global water crisis,, declared its frustration that the World Water Forum, which met in March in Istanbul, did not affirm access to safe water as a basic human right, but only as a “human need.” This leaves the door open for water privatization, which has prved disastrous in many places it has been implemented. The real essence of this problem is global and the concept that water can to used as a commodity needs to begin at that level. Those people who live as refugees in camps have no access to water as a right to it. They use open latrines as bathrooms instead of using at least potty chairs plastic liners as bags to dispose of human waste. This is not a pretty site and will get worse if this is not addressed as a human right.

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